Who we are and what we do


We are the #1 ranked boat tour on TripAdvisor.com in New Orleans. Here is why…

Established in 1972, for over 45 years Canoe and Trail Adventures (CTA) has provided to the Greater New Orleans community opportunities to experience and to learn about the habitats and wildlife of the great outdoors. Most of our kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and camping outings are mostly to Louisiana wetlands north or northwest of New Orleans — all within an hour’s drive. CTA provides outings for visitors to New Orleans, school and parents’ groups, youth groups, corporate paddles and outings for the local public.  

Each year, CTA operates over 300 guided kayak and canoe eco tours into Louisiana wetlands. Our professional guides provide information on the wetland habitats and any wildlife encountered. Throughout the year, CTA also guides and outfits canoeing and kayaking outings for local schools and universities. Most of these outings are for ecology or botany classes with the teacher or the professor providing some of the instruction. During June, CTA furnishes guides and canoes for summer camps whose youth paddle out to Lake Pontchartrain.

Several local schools each year schedule overnight outings to state parks or scenic rivers. CTA provides the guides/canoe instructors, the camping gear and the meals for these outings.  Most students are 5th graders to 7th graders, with many middle schoolers perhaps spending their first night ever in a tent, sitting around a campfire or roasting marshmallows.

For parents’ groups, CTA offers canoes & kayaks group rentals for parents to paddle with their own child and connect with them outdoors – a parent and child experience that will long be remembered.  

For the Louisiana Master Naturalist Program, approximately seven times a year, CTA outfits an outing timed to highlight a seasonal natural event. The outing is to learn about wetlands habitats and the management objectives of public lands.

For the public, on the Saturday before a full moon, CTA schedules a Moonlight Paddles into Louisiana wetlands. The outings begin two hours before sunset so that paddlers can have daylight before reaching a sunset destination.  After everyone has eaten their sunset meal and late twilight is approaching, the group paddles out of the wetlands using only their night vision – and the light of the moon. Coming back, the group paddles very slowly and quietly allowing paddlers to listen to night sounds. Day/night outings can be scheduled during the month regardless of whether moonlight is available or not. To paddle in near darkness is an intense experience but very doable with paddlers using their night vision.

Now CTA also offers Twilight Paddle Tours in kayaks and canoes, both pre-scheduled and upon request.  These Twilight Paddles differ from the Moonlight Paddles by the phase of the moon but also by the group size. We keep the Twilight Paddle outings under 15 paddlers for a small group experience.

We also offer kayak and canoe rentals year round for those looking to explore on their own. These rentals are designed as self guided tours and include not only your canoe or kayak but a waterproof case to protect your phone and car keys. Plus a map of the paddle route including scenic highlights along the way.

What is our goal at Canoe and Trail Adventures? Whether it’s a peaceful kayaking tour through the swamp or a nature hike with 30 students our goal is to offer each guest an outdoor experience that makes lifelong memories. 

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