Looking up not just down during your kayak tour


We know, we know. Of course you’re going to be paddling through every turn hoping an American Alligator will be around the bend and of course was want to make that dream come true but if you are only looking down focusing and searching for one thing you are probably missing a lot more wildlife around you.  Spring is filled will more active wildlife of all kinds. Birds, turtles, frogs, insects, reptiles (yes including alligators) and many of them are looking for a mate or busy foraging for food to feed hungry newborns.  During your kayaking adventure down the bayou we encourage everyone to scan the water but also the air, the tree line and the shore line to spot a variety of creatures.  Here are a just a few photos of things that might be soaring, slithering and jumping around during our “Full Flavor” kayaking tour of Cane Bayou.