Take Care of What You Love


Here at Canoe and Trail Adventures, we are real bothered by the amount of trash our guides find on the water and at the boat launch.  All the guides take pride in sharing the swamps with others, but they get frustrated by the amount of trash they find.  As a company that tries to be ecologically conscious, it is our duty to pick up what we see.  Sometimes it is in the water, other times it is on land at the boat launch. Each day there seems to be new trash all over.  The launch we use is open to the public and we feel it should be taken better care of because who wants to see that on the ground before they launch on the water. The amount of beer cans/bottles we find at the launch is ASTOUNDING, many of the bottles are broken.  We see families at the launch with children walking around barefoot and we have to ask them to wear shoes, as to not step on the broken glass.  If you share our love of being on the water, please help us take care of our boat launch.  If you see some trash, even if it is not yours, please pick it up and dispose of it properly.  If there is a full trash can, see if you can find another one near by.

If we all pick up about 5 pieces of litter each day, imagine how much cleaner our whole community would be.  Help us take care of what we love so we can continue to share it with everyone!

Here a a few recent pictures of the amount of trash at our boat launch: