Early Summer Sightings on kayak swamp tours


Even though the solstice happened the other day, it has felt like summer here for weeks in South Louisiana.  While our guides are getting used to the heat, our groups have been getting to know the South Louisiana heat first hand.  One thing that makes the heat more bearable is the sights and sounds of the swamp.  These past few weeks we have seen our summer flowers have started to bloom!  The Pickerel Weed can be seen all over the swamp in the shallow waters with a purple flower and heart shaped leaf. We have even seen a few turtles laying their eggs on our property.  They will hopefully hatch in about 2 months. The dragonflies have been out in major numbers.  They like to hang out on the Roseau Cane near Lake Pontchartrain. You can see them on top of almost every piece of cane.  The alligators have been staying submerged to help stay cool in the summer heat. We have one that has been injured.  We know this because his right eye looks a bit different than his left eye.  We have seen Whistling Ducks trying to make their nest in the boxes set out for the Wood Ducks.  We have even had a few tag-a-longs in the form of Tree Frogs.

With all this said, it is safe to say that the swamp is even more active now that summer is here!! Enjoy your time and make sure you stay hydrated! Whether you are in a canoe or kayak the summer heat can get to you

See you on the water!!

All pictures have been taken by our guides while on the water with groups. A few of them have been edited a bit.