Late Fall/ Early Winter Bird sightings


The past 2 months have been great on the bayou.  Our staff has always enjoyed birding.  Some of them are better at identifying them while others are just starting to learn and enjoy it (me).  Here are a few pictures we have been able to get over the past few weeks. Some are easily identified, while others may need some work.

We have seen more, but they are hard to get pictures while canoeing or kayaking in the swamps. If you are interested in starting to learn birds, join us for a paddle!

Stay warm and enjoy this season! See you on the water.

See if you know them…answers below.


A-Great Blue Heron 

B-Great Egret (front) and American Coots (back)

c-Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

D-Northern Flicker

E-Horned Grebe (migratory bird)

F-American Coots (migratory bird)

G-We believe it’s Red-Shoulder Hawks

H-Green Heron

I-Red-bellied Woodpecker