Master Naturalist

When you hear the word “master”, what comes to your mind?  Growing up I always thought of it as something to do with school.  Since I wasn’t a big fan of school I never had any desire to get “extra education”.  The older I get the more I realize that I am wanting to learn more and more about all the things outdoors.  Whether it is bettering my physical skills dealing with the outdoors or learning more about the natural history of the area and identification flora and fauna.  That is where this Master Naturalist comes into play.  I have heard of the program for a few years and was not ever able to take it.  This fall I was able to partake in the class.  We have had several meeting in various areas of Southeast Louisiana.  We have learned about the geology of the area and how the Mississippi River created this region.  We have learned about a ton of plants and trees.  We have learned about all types of animals and their part in our ecosystem.  We have learned about our coastline and issues dealing with land loss.  There is so much we have learned, and still have much to learn.  Each time we have a workshop we have professionals in that particular field come and talk for the first half of the day.  The second half of the day is application.  This whole course is a certification process for continuing your own personal knowledge.  To complete the certification, you must also have a certain number of volunteer hours and continuing education hours also.

This class has been a ton of fun and would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to learn more about the natural history.  You will get to meet people from different walks of life who have the same passion as you.  If you are wanting to learn more, here is the link to the local chapter.