Directions for Manchac Swamp launch


Don’t want to Drive? Contact Us about shuttle options from New Orleans.

Please do not rely on Uber/Lyft/Taxi services as this launch is remote and return trips are hard to find.

From New Orleans take Interstate 10 west out of the city, take the LaPlace exit — #209 which is a down ramp. Turn right (north) and then proceed five miles north on the two lane ground level blacktop highway. Ignore the elevated Interstate 55 and its up ramps.

If coming from north of the lake, then take Interstate 55 south to the Ruddock exit (number 7) which is about six miles south of the Pass Manchac bridge. After descending to the ground, ignore the large boat ramp and parking lot but instead proceed another 2.2 miles south on the two lane black top highway. The launch site is on the west side of the two lane highway.

Parking at the launch site: Please park along the highway on the right hand (east) side with your vehicle well off the road in the grass. This will leave the modest parking lot on the west side open for fisherman and their trailers. BE VERY ALERT crossing the highway. Traffic zooms by at 60 mph.

Restrooms (or lack of): There are no facilities at the launch site or anywhere along our paddling route. The last opportunity for modern plumbing is just after you exit I 10 at Laplace at a Shell station.


Directions: (PLEASE READ the details below. There is no address for the launch so GPS will not work)

Manchac Wetlands are located northwest of New Orleans. The wetlands are forested with a web of bayous and canals that provided limited access. Consisting of approximately 200 square miles, the wetlands surround Lake Maurepas and extend from Lake Pontchartrain on the east side and to I-10 on the south side. The wetlands are part of the Lake Pontchartrain basin with rivers flowing in from the west and the lake to the east.