Be Careful

The other day I was out driving home from work and was in a turn lane that allows 2 cars to turn at the same time.  I was in the right side of this double turn lane and as the light turned green the car to my left decided to try and move into my lane WHILE TURNING!  I blew my horn to alert them in hopes they would move back into their lane.  The next moment I swerved into the grass avoiding getting hit by the other driver.  As my nerves calmed down, I began to think about all the adventures sports I enjoy doing.  I love whitewater kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, triathlons and driving.  Yes you read that right, driving is an adventure sport.  It is one of THE MOST DANGEROUS activities one can do.  You are in control of a very large metal box and it seems that now a days, people are paying less and less attention while at the wheel.  This is scary…

The same can almost be said for motor boats and paddle crafts.  I have had a few close calls while on the water.  On a lot of bayous we paddle, there are slow turns and those driving motor boats tend to move way too fast.  I can understand going fast on open water, but I feel that the swamps of South Louisiana are places where motor boats need to slow down and watch for paddle crafts.  We all have a right to be on the water to go exploring.  Please make sure you are paying attention while on the bayous.  It does not matter if you are riding a bike, trying to avoid getting hit by a car or a motor boat looking out for paddle crafts.  The outdoors are amazing and should be enjoyed without worrying too much about your safety…a little worry is normal.

See you out there!

Just a ThoughtLegnd