Great Egret Fly Away

Birds are always great to see! We have the chance to see all sorts of birds on our swamp tours.

The other day we were on our swamp tour with a group and I had the camera out.  We came around a corner and BAM a Great Egret is sitting on the bank. I turn on the camera and started taking pictures.  It looked to be stalking something to eat because it was leaning forward slightly and standing completely still.  Their diet consists of small reptiles, amphibians, insects and even mice.  It’s always a good day when we get to see nature do her thing; this was no exception.  I turned on the video setting on the camera in hopes to catch the egret grabbing some lunch, but instead of that happening, it decided we were a bit too close.  It took off and flew down the bayou a short ways.  It proceeded to “lead” us back almost the whole way back to the launch.  We also see a few other types of bigger birds, from Great Blue Herons to Ospreys.

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