I was setting up for a group the other day and a father with his young son came up to launch also.  I had everything laid out on the ground that one needs to take a tour of the swamps.  The young boy asked me if we had any kids on the tour with us that day and I said we did not.  He then asked me why I had the lifejackets laid out with no kids on the trip…that comment struck me hard and got me thinking.

Why does one wear a lifejacket??  For safety, of course, but Louisiana law says anyone under the age of 16 HAS TO wear one while on a boat but once you get over that age then it is your choice.  I don’t know why one would choose to NOT wear a lifejacket.  I was raised to always wear one while riding in a boat and I will raise my child to do the same.

In my book a lifejacket is one of the most important pieces of equipment needed for a canoe or kayak trip, after the paddle and boat.  It is like insurance for your car, you hope to not need it but it’s good to have. Wearing a lifejacket can LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE if you get in an accident while on the water! So, please, next time you get on the water on a boat wear a lifejacket.  It isn’t just for kids…

Check this website for resources and information about lifejackets: