First Day sightings


February is know to have some ugly weather here in the New Orleans area. But yesterday, February 1st was one for the books! The paddle started out like any other day. We started out talking about the area, making sure we tell everyone that wildlife sightings are rare this time of year but Mother Nature has a way of showing us new things and teaching in all situations. Yesterday was the warmth of the sun on the 1st day of February (thank you Mother Nature)! With this warmth brought out our reptile friends! We saw snakes, alligators and turtles most of the way to the lake. We are just about to the lake and Mother Nature showed us she is in charge again. We hit the thickest fog we have seen in awhile. It was eerie but welcoming! Our guests paddled their canoe or kayaks through the fog on a flat as glass lake to our spot for lunch! We watched the fog lift right in front of our eyes and then we heard a splash and noticed that a pelican decided joined us for lunch!

It is days like this that make me thankful that we GET to go outside and take people on a guided tour of the swamps of the New Orleans Area. If you like to live life in the outdoors, then our tours are for you!