Horn Island Camping

11 miles long & one half mile wide, Horn Island is the least impacted, most isolated & the most varied in terrain & wildlife inhabitants.


Lining the entire Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida are barrier islands. Caused by currents and shaped by storms, these islands have evolved their own ecological system, adapting to their existence between the Gulf and the mainland. The crown jewel of these Gulf Coast barrier islands is Horn Island – an island eleven miles long and one half mile wide. Located off shore of Oceans Spring, MS, Horn Island is the least impacted, most isolated and the most varied in terrain and wildlife inhabitants of the islands in this barrier chain. Horn Island has quartz sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico side that reach forever, sand dunes as high as houses and inland tidal lagoons surrounded by marshes.

Walkable beaches as far as your eye can see. Brown pelicans gliding just inches off the water. Sunsets and sunrises with nothing on the horizons to obstruct the view. Driftwood campfires with newfound friends. A feeling of truly being on an island with views from horizon to horizon.

We will camp this year east of the midpoint of the island allowing for exploration in either direction. Our kitchen will be on the inland side facing the bay which means that we will not carry over all the group food and water to the gulf side of the island. However individual campers are urged to cross over the island and set up their tents facing the Gulf of Mexico. The days will be spent exploring the island or just relaxing — whatever the individual preference may be. Birdlife can be considerable – white and brown pelicans and an assortment of shore birds. Most campers spend the days strolling along the beach beachcombing and watching the wildlife. In the evenings there are hearty meals around driftwood campfires. Caution: The stories told at the campfire may or may not be true.


+ Details

  • Guided by Byron Almquist

  • 4 days, 3 nights

  • Breakfast and Dinner included

  • Private boat shuttle to the island

  • $350 for 1 camper or $675 for 2 campers

  • Some camping experience required recommended


+ Price

  • $350 for 1 campers or $675 for 2 campers

  • add a tent for $25

  • add a camping mattress for $25


+ What We Bring

  • Professional, knowledgeable and passionate Louisiana Master Naturalist guides
  • Group Kitchen
  • Private boat shuttle to and from the island
  • Breakfast and Dinner

+ What You Bring

  • Personal Camping Equipment (or rent tents, etc. from us)
  • 4 lunches
  • Personal drinking water
  • Be ready for an adventure

This is a can’t miss Adventure