Here are some questions that are frequently asked about our swamp tours in New Orleans with answers from our team. If you don’t find your question and answer, please contact us directly and we will be happy to help you.


+ What is your refund policy?

Regards of when the outing is cancelled if the outing is cancelled by Canoe and Trail Adventures due to weather, you will receive a 100% refund.

If you cancel 48 hours before a tour launch, you’ll receive a 100% refund. If you cancel with less than 48 hours of launch, you’ll receive a 50% refund. No shows will not be given a refund.

For overnight trips, 100% refunds for cancellations two weeks prior. Within two weeks, 50% will be refunded. No shows at departure get no refund.

Click here for full policy details

+ What is the difference between the Full Flavor of the Bayou and Taste of the Bayou Tours?

Mainly, it is the length of the break at Lake Pontchartrain. Unless we spot an overwhelming amount of wildlife, which slows the tour because we do not want to rush you past anything, then the paddle route and distance is the same for both tours. The Full Flavor Tour give you more time with out incredible guides. On the Full Flavor we take a long break at the lake everyone is provided drinking water and local chips to snack on. You may bring your own lunch or purchase a poboy through us to enjoy during the extended break. On the Taste Tours we take a short break at the lake and no food is provide.

+ Will I see Alligators? Is it dangerous?

Generally, mid-March through mid-October we will see alligators. We do not feed any wildlife, so seeing alligators is not guaranteed. It is safe to be around all the wildlife as we avoid the areas where other tours are feeding the animals.

+ Is alcohol allowed?

We prefer no drinking on our outings but a glass of wine or a beer is fine. We do not permit any hard liquor. You can bring snacks and if you are of age you can opt to bring up to two drinks (max) per paddler. Responsible drinking is required, please understand even though the paddle is only a few hours long you will be miles from land, in a wild environment and you will need to follow our guides instructions, paddle yourself back safely, and not diminish the experience of others on the outing.

Think about our outings like going out to a nice restaurant. Most participants are there for quiet and a nice atmosphere. While some may be enjoying a drink or even two no one wants to be the drunk person at the nice restaurant making noise and reducing the experience for those around you.

If you are nervous about turning your boat over be aware adding alcohol to any paddle outing increases your chances of turning over tremendously.

+ What should I wear?

Check the forecast before packing (weather.com works great). Wear something comfortable for outdoor activity and appropriate for the projected forecast. On hot summer days, we highly recommend a hat. Those choosing kayaks will definitely get a little wet, so wear something you don’t mind getting a little water. Paddlers in canoes are usually able to stay dry during the tour.

+ What Do I Need to Bring?

On our Small Group Canoe & Kayak tours we bring everything you need while on the water. We’ll have paddling equipment, bug repellent, waterproof cases, snacks, and drinking water. You can bring extra snacks if you’d like. On hot days, we also recommend wearing a comfortable hat.

One the Paddle Events for Locals we ONLY provide the paddling equipment and waterproof cases so you must provide your own drinking water and meal.

If you are not sure what to bring your confirmation email will detail what you need for each type of outing.

+ What if it rains

If it is just a little rain, we will paddle on. We have plenty of waterproof bags for gear, cameras, etc. and some rain gear. If there is lightening present or projected, we will cancel or reschedule. If tours are cancelled by us, you will received a 100% refund.

+ Will I get wet?

In canoes, generally not. If you choose a kayak, you may get wet. We help you launch so your feet will stay as dry as possible but you should wear shoes you do not mind getting a little wet. Any outing on Cane Bayou includes wading in Lake Pontchartrain if you’d like.

+ What wildlife will I see?

In the wetlands of Louisiana wildlife changes with the seasons. Commonly seen during mild or warm days are herons, egrets, kingfishers, osprey and eagles, turtles, frogs, dragonflies, and alligators. Birds that change with the seasons are blackbirds, warblers, kingbirds, and many many more.

We never feed, approach, or handle the wildlife. Our outings are designed to let you explore and admire the swamps and bayous around New Orleans in their natural state. Our guides do not follow scripts, each tour is an unique experience.

+ Are the Mosquitoes bad?

Usually not during the daytime hours. They are most pesky around dusk and dawn, so we bring bug spray if you need it.

+ Can I purchase a gift card for a friend?

Yes, we offer gift certificates in any amount or for specific tours here.

+ Why are some tours only $40 and others are $69?

Our tours fees are determined by the group size and what we provide during the tour. For example our Small Group Tours are a higher fee because we limit the group size to a maximum of 14 paddler per tour with the average usually being 8 paddlers. We also provide all paddling equipment, waterproof cases to protect phones, drinking water, snacks, binoculars and when needed bug spray and ponchos.

Our Moonlight Paddles and some special event paddlers are priced at $40 per paddler because the group size averages 30 paddlers and we only provide the paddling equipment and waterproof cases. Paddlers must provide his/her own drinks and meal and transportation.

+ What is the difference between Twilight Paddles and Moonlight Paddles?

There are a few key differences...

The Moonlight Paddles are only offered once a month based of the date of the full moon. On Moonlight paddles we do not provide food or water and the group size averages 30 paddlers.

The Twilight Paddles run multiple days a week during the warmer months and the average group size is just 6 paddlers. We provide drinking water on Twilight Paddles and you have the option to buy a snack or Po-boy when making your reservation.

+ Do you offer a group discount?

Yes, for groups with 10 or more, we can offer you a discount. Contact us and we will arrange it for you.